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Payment checking is the method of validating a transaction that has already been successfully completed. The owner of a transaction sometimes intends to check if the transaction he has created in the past has been successfully processed. He can do this in two respects: In either way

  1. Because blockchain is a distributed network and every member of the network stores the updated header copy, the transaction owner can go back from the last added block to the genesis block and identify the block in the transaction by verifying the block header content. Although the transaction’s true content cannot be seen, it may be ensured that a transaction has been successfully processed if the timestamp of the transaction can be found on one of the blocks in the blockchain, as the transactions are added to the blocks only if the transactions are completed successfully.
  2. The transaction owner can confirm if his transaction is successfully processed, processing similar transactions, and verifying outputs. If outputs matched, the transaction has been successfully processed.

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