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Internet of thing (IOT) is one of the fastest growing technologies nowadays when comes to business and other stuff. The Internet of Things (IOT) provides the fastest services to its users thereby maintaining the speed and decorum of them.


After the machine learning approach, this IoT gets very famous in the field. Its basic feature is to connect one device to all other possible devices. A connection is the main goal. Today 15 billion devices are connected through this internet system. According to a survey by 2020 50 billion devices will be connected through this internet of thing (IOT). Moreover, this is not one-day learning and you can jump to its conclusions. IOT learning is a rather more systematic and specific approach to learn. It has some steps and blocks which should be learned if you want to learn this new trend of IOT. Following are all the basic fields and domains in which you need to be consistent if you want to learn the internet of thing (IOT) systematically:


As simple as this sound is not actually the case. Computer programming is like basic in learning the IOT and its other features. Now the world is full of different computer languages. You need to start with the basics like C++, data structure, HTML, Java and so on. You cannot jump straightaway to Java. This is like jumping from prep to twelfth class and this will drain yourself in the long run.

Small steps:

As electronics and devices are its core products which need to be fully understood by anyone who wants to learn this IOT approach. But you cannot directly jump to a car or other big device. First, you have to start with the small steps. Try out your home appliances one by one. Understand them and then excel in other devices. In this way, you will tackle and learn the internet of the thing (IOT). Try to use do it yourself (DIY’s) tasks more and become an expert in these fields.


Stuff related to science and technology cannot be learned on its own. In every country, there are special courses and subjects related to this field. These courses will allow you to learn some basics and theoretical stuff that is important and necessary to learn the internet of thing (IOT). So, make sure to enroll in one of these courses so that you can get hands-on training by attending different courses and workshops.


To learn this field, you also need to have a command on networking and its related terms. Bluetooth,3G and 4G, WIFI should be on your fingertips. Connecting to them is something else and learning stuff and programs at the back end are different things. Competition in the field of internet of Thing (IOT) is increasing day by day. So, in order to be an expert in this interesting field, you have to be the best in all of the above domains. Everyone is a must if you want to earn money from this field.

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