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Competency on cyber security by employees should be based on basic practices to protect the organization and it’s relevant data.

Set of Training Tips for Employees on cyber security includes

Privacy: All privacy starts with the employees. It doesn’t matter what type of Vpn, firewall, or intrusion detection you use, if employees in the organization do not understand the significance of data protection and privacy. Nobody will care about privacy policies, data security, data breach or intellectual property protection untill you tell them why it is important and how it will have impacts on them and tell them what to do and what should not be done.

Rules: Always perform financial transactions on a secure computer and always remember to use dual Authentications and ensure you always use a personal marker when you send a file to others, never open one without the other and always include content, date and always insist others to update the Marker when changes are made.

However, always make sure your devices are secured and adopt the WPA Security  and always have a complex passwords which will ensure cyber security.

Frequency of Cyber Security Training: Ensure high frequency of cyber security training which will be to every employee in the organization including {C-Suite} at least three times in a year. This will ensure and increase awareness and allow the organization to update it’s employees on how to identify and eliminate latest threat.

Creativity: This is mainly on the learning process of the employees. Always make sure that employees reads the privacy policies. Even if funds are scarce, you can still make the learning process more fun than drudgery.

Strategy: you can use different strategic actions to improve your Cyber Security Training which will make it relevant to employees receiving the trainings. You can create a basic training for all users for the first year, separate or segment into two groups and ensure messaging, always review the first year and second year and always survey feedbacks and ensure clarification on the needed materials in use.

Recruit employees from other departments: every departments needs to be involved on security awareness to legal, marketing and human resources departments, because they’re in a vital position to make security awareness a requirement.

Errors: focus on cyber security and human errors. Cyber Security training and policies needs to be vivid and made to be realistic to employees and tell them how human errors lead to data breach. Always show them facts and statistics to enable them know that they play essential roles when it comes to the safety of the organization and always let it be known that no employee under any circumstances should  connect USB drives or click on a link unless the source is known and Trusted. Cyber Security training should include warning signs of a breach system. Because once a system is breached it is complex or rigid to remove threat to stop data loss or follow up of a worm or virus.

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