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Today cyber security is a major concern to business owners around the globe hackers are always aware of  vulnerability organization are prone to there by exploiting this weakness and committing various  Cyber crimes.

Issues on Cyber Security

Issues on cyber security includes

Cyber Espionage: Big and small firms are beginning to store their Crucial Data in the clouds. According to research made by Right scale survey giving a statistics of about 78% private cloud adoption among organization, this also give rise to hybrid cloud computing.

If the hacker is penetrating from inside or outside the organization attacking public, private or hybrid cloud technologies and other valuable intellectual properties are all at risks and also valuable customer data. It is highly essential that business owners to be conscious of Test practices and regulations evolving sensitive data, it is vital to securely set up the cloud which is very essential. Right scale survey also concludes on the fact that security is no longer the main concerns but lack of expertise and resources in the area.

Data theft: According to Small and mid businesses {SMBs} are the main principal target of cyber crime. Majority of cyber attacks last year was mainly on SMBs. They are been targeted because it is believe that small businesses do not usually have a stronger firewall or little of security protocols in place that prevents and detects theft.
The SEC all notes that small businesses faces data security threat the same way big organizations do, but confront them with fewer expertise and resources.

Cyber Security Threat:
Organizations both big and small suffers on shortage of cyber security and professional. However, more sophisticated cyber attacks including phishing, machine learning, crypto currency, malwares and artificial intelligence and more have placed the assets and data of governments, corporations and individuals at constant risk. A host of evolving and new issues on cyber security threats has the information security industry on high alert.

Phishing: phishing gets more sophisticated because of the attack made on targeted digital messages which is an attempt to deceive or fool people into clicking different links which may expose sensitive data or install malwares. Now employees are now aware of the dangers involved on clicking on suspicious links or email phishing, for example making utilization of machine learning to send convincing messages to targeted victims with the hope that this recipient will compromise their organization networks and systems, this kind of attacks allows hackers to steal credit card credentials and login details and other relevant financial information’s.

Ransomware strategy: the evolvement of Ransomware cost victims millions or billions of dollars every single year, hackers always look on captivating technologies which will enable them to either kidnap or take hold of company’s database and in return for all this database a certain amount of money is been collected as ransom, the emergence of crypto currency also like etherum, bitcoins etc also aid in fueling Ransom attacks by giving rise to Ransom demands to be paid.

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