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According to Microsoft, “Power Pivot enables you to import millions of rows of data from multiple data sources into a single Excel workbook, create relationships between heterogeneous data, create calculated columns and measures using formulas, build PivotTables and PivotCharts, and further analyze the data so that you can make timely business decisions without requiring IT assistance.”


Power Pivot was created in direct response to the big data demands of contemporary business intelligence needs, which prior generations of Excel—given their 1,048,576 row limit or processing speed shortcomings—struggled to cope with.


Power Pivot is expressed by Microsoft using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions), which is a collection of functions, operators, and constants usable in a formula or expression to calculate/return one or more values.


What is Power Pivot

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Benefits of Power Pivot


1. Power Pivot lets you import and manipulate hundreds of millions of rows of data whereas Excel has a hard constraint of just over a million rows.


2. Power Pivot allows you to import data from multiple sources into one single source workbook without having to create multiple source sheets and deal with potential version control and transferability issues.


3. Power Pivot lets you manipulate the imported data, analyze it, and draw conclusions without slowing down your computer system, as is typical of Basic Excel.


4. Power Pivot lets you visualize and manipulate your big datasets with PivotCharts and Power BI, where basic Excel lacks these capabilities.

How to Power Pivot

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