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Tableau Server is a collection of processes that work together to provide a full self-service analytic platform for your users. The following diagram shows a high-level architectural view of Tableau Server.

Multiple server processes (shown in blue above) work together to provide services at various tiers. The Gateway process is the component that redirects traffic from all Tableau clients to the available server nodes in a cluster.


Data Services is a logical grouping of services that provide data freshness, shared meta data management, governed data sources, and in-memory data. The underlying processes that power Data Services are the Backgrounder, Data Server and Data Engine processes.


Analytics Services, composed of the VizQL and Cache Server processes, provide user-facing visualization and analytics services and caching services.


Sharing and Collaboration, and Content Management Service are powered by the Application Server process. Core Tableau Server functionality such as user login, content management (projects, sites, permission, etc.) and administration activities are provided by the Application Server process.


All of the above services use and rely on the Repository process, which contains structured relational data like metadata, permissions, workbooks, data extracts, user info, and other data. The File Store process enables data extract file redundancy across the cluster and ensures extracts are locally available on all cluster nodes. Under heavier loads, extract files are available locally across the cluster for faster processing and rendering.


Tableau’s architecture is flexible, allowing you to run the platform just about anywhere. You can install Tableau Server on-premises, in your private cloud or data center, on Amazon EC2, on Google Cloud Platform, or on MS Azure. Tableau analytics platform can also run atop virtualization platforms. We recommend you follow the best practices for each virtualization platform to ensure the best performance from Tableau Server.

Reference : Tableau Official Site

Tableau Architecture

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